It is kind of hard to keep the peace between everyone, I feel like the middle man. It feels like I am in the eye of a hurricane, it is calm there, but around me is where the storm is happening. Too many things happening all at once, and I am just trying my best for things not to fall apart.

It is not just my Future that depends on it, but a lot of other things.

Most of which is not even my problem, yet still I go through effort and I sacrifice a lot of things to help others, it is not fair though.

It’s always fine, or so I say, I will always support those where I can, but there comes a day where I feel I can’t anymore…

I need to keep my Life in thoughts as well, otherwise I will be shooting myself in the foot too, no?

Sometimes you can’t help them all, because what will be leftover if everyone tears you apart?


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