I think this blog is the only privacy and small PIECE (yes I mean piece as in a portion of my mind that is private) of mind that I have all to myself without anyone in my Personal Life knowing about it or questioning it. So therefore none of them can “Troll” here.

Because I do have a “stalker”, who I know personally as well – but this person is obsessed with what is happening in my life, this person is stalking all of my social media every day. Luckily said “Troll” does not know jack shit about this blog.

It makes me feel relieved. Some people are just way too curious.

I don’t think it is necessary for everyone in a person’s life to know exactly everything about what is going on with your personal life all the time, we all have a side we keep to ourselves in certain matters sometimes.

I think these are the most common “sides” of each person.

  • Our Daily Selves, which Everyone Knows.
  • A Dark Side, which only Some People might Know about. Mostly a countable number of people, either none or 1 – 5 people.
  • And then there is that Deep side that are the most inner you, that only you know about. That “Anonymous” Side.

I think there is a lot more though… Some people might have less or more sides than others, that is a given.

Something like this:


(Drama Faces) Reminds me of the Different Sides to People.


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